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No one in NYC knows more about high pressure steam than Fred Smith. That’s because, when many of the city’s buildings were converted to steam after WWII, a large percentage of that work was done by our company. And we’ve been maintaining those systems ever since.

There are various types of high-pressure steam valves that are used to reduce the pressure from approximately 160 pounds of pressure to the common three or four pounds that is utilized at radiators and heating units and, between one and ten pounds for hot water-heating equipment.

With this much pressure flowing through the system, there’s no room for error. Fred Smith is familiar with all brands of steam-pressure regulating valves and controls (including the ones that have not been made in 30 years) and wastes no time diagnosing sticky problems and then making them vanish. Best of all, every aspect of the job is done in house–we even have high-pressure steam welders on staff.

High pressure steam systems are complex, temperamental animals. Having our kind of experience at work for your building is invaluable. It’s like having Thomas Edison come to change your light bulbs. Call today.


We were going to put a really obscure steam fact here. But then we realized that this stuff is only exciting to us. When it comes to steam realted issues, our phone number is all you really need to know: 212-744-1300.

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