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When To Shower, Morning or Night: A Plumber’s Perspective

Recently the NY Times published an article making the case for the best time of day for your daily shower. The piece discussed the pros and cons of morning versus evening. All the important issues were discussed: cleanliness, how long to shower, proper water temperature, post-workout routine, insomnia after late showers, environmental concerns, and even baths.

We heard from a clinical psychologist, a dermatologist, the CEO from The Alliance for Water Efficiency, and even some random New York marketers and writers. But since the subject was showering, The Times thought it was important to get a plumber’s perspective. Fred Smith Plumbing’s own Phil Kraus weighed in on this debate.

Not surprisingly, Phil said it all starts with water. An important consideration is the quality of New York City water and its chlorine content, which can be an irritant. “If you have allergies or sensitive skin, or are concerned about the quality of your water, you may want to have it tested,” says Phil. Boasting more than a century of experience with NYC water, Fred Smith Plumbing partners with the premier water treatment expert in the country: Culligan Water. So clean, pure water is our business.

Life in Manhattan high-rises presents other possibilities for showering times. If off-peak hours fit your schedule, that can be a good option. Phil notes that midday, for instance, might provide you with a hotter shower and more dependable water pressure.

Day, night, or anytime, your daily shower is an important ritual. Weigh your own pros and cons, but don’t forget the plumber’s perspective!