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As well as being the NYC’s best troubleshooter on large, building-wide systems, we at Fred Smith pride ourselves on providing white glove service for private tenants and townhouses. For specialized plumbing repairs and fixture installation, including foreign-made fixtures, faucets and shower valves, you can count on our specialized skill, attention to detail, and remarkable neatness on the job.

We Stop Small Repairs From Becoming Big Ones.

While the building is generally responsible for plumbing that is ‘behind the walls’ co-op and condo owners are usually responsible for the installation of any fixtures or appliances including: sink and lavatory faucets, shower bodies, toilets, bidets, external water and waste piping outside the wall, washing machine water and drain lines, refrigerator ice maker and gas appliance piping, and garbage disposals. With our dedicated faucet and fixture crews, Fred Smith can take care of all of these.

Additionally, all those small basic repairs that are overlooked, like running toilets, dripping faucets, slight leaks, should never be ignored. These never get better on their own and more than likely will get worse.


A new faucet is just the beginning. Fred Smith is also a favorite among top decorators, engineers and architects when a complete renovation is on the agenda.

800 Buildings and Dozens of Top Property Management Firms Can’t All Be Wrong

Due to our long-standing relationship with so many of New York’s Real Estate management agents, chances are we’re already working with one of your neighbors. Please call us next time you need help.


High end apartments are almost a second home to us. Whether its finding parts for a 50-year old Italian fixture or installing a new master suite, Fred Smith can help.

"The most successful people are those who are good at plan B".

- James Yorke