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Pipes give water a path to travel, but it’s the pumps that power the journey. Whether there’s too much or not enough water or just an awkwardly located destination, a properly installed and maintained pump can mean the difference between comfortable and condemned. From booster to sump to fire pumps, Fred Smith Plumbing can help keep your building running smoothly.

Preventive Maintenance

The first step in proper pump maintenance is identification. Make a list of all the pumps in the building and periodically perform a regular inspection to be sure each one is working and properly maintained. Before pumps break, there is usually some sign of wear and tear. We have the experience to see those warning signs from a block away and can advise you on the proper course of action. Pump checks should be a part of your normal maintenance program and Fred Smith can help.

Pump Repairs and Replacement

Plumbing and heating systems don’t function without a system of pumps. Pumps found within a building include, but are not limited to, the building house and hot water circulation pumps, air conditioning, sump, condenser water, ejector, booster, vacuum and condensate pumps. Fred Smith has worked on all of these for years and we know how and when to repair and replace each type.

Emergency Service Fit for Royalty

Though our expert plumbers arrive on the scene within 15 minutes, trained and ready for almost anything, some pump repairs are best done off site. If this is the case, we’ll install a temporary pump while yours is repaired at our state-of-the-art machine shop.


Old pumps were not sized to work with backflow preventers. Installing a back-flow preventer on a system with older pumps may lower your building’s domestic water pressure to an inadequate level. Call Fred Smith before you install a backflow preventer to ensure your pump can handle the load.

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- Herb Kelleher