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Water Purification

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NYC has some of the finest drinking water in the country. Yet it can also be high in sediment as it makes its way down from upstate reservoirs. Add in NYC’s aging infrastructure, unclean roof tanks, and legacy plumbing systems and you can see why water purification is good for you and your building.

Filtering your water not only makes for happy residents, it increases water efficiency and extends equipment life – all while lowering operating and maintenance costs.

At Fred Smith Plumbing, we combine a century of experience working with NYC water systems with the premier water treatment experts in the country: Culligan Water. The result is the best water filtration services available anywhere.

Our comprehensive product line includes everything from industrial and commercial water treatment products to whole-household systems to drinking water filters for individual sinks and bottle-free coolers for office settings. We even reduce possible contaminants from your roof tank that may occur between cleanings.

If you have a water problem, we can solve it. Give us a call and put New York’s Culligan Man to work for you.




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If you live in New York City, there’s a good chance your tap water comes from the iconic water tank on your building’s roof. And that might not be water you want to drink straight from the tap. But your apartment’s drinking water can be clearer, cleaner and great tasting — if you have a Culligan® Aqua-Cleer® Advanced Drinking Water System. Call us today at 212-472-9700, and start enjoying better water, pure and simple.

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