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September 30, 2009

Cleaning Up The Water One Building At A Time

Brown water in NYC residential apartments is not an uncommon occurrence.  In fact, brown water happens a lot.  Philip Kraus, President of Fred Smith Plumbing & Heating and owner of Culligan of New York, discusses options available for water filtration systems for the entire building.  Kraus explains that “NYC water can be high in sediment and silt as it makes its way down from upstate reservoirs.  As the water passes through the city’s distribution of aged piping, corrosion byproducts and particulate matter are picked up along the way as well.”  All of this contributes to the brown water problem resulting in inconvenience to the tenants and stressing out the building’s mechanical systems. Through Fred Smith Plumbing & Heating’s affiliate – Culligan of New York – Kraus has been solving NYC brown water problems for many years with a variety of whole building solutions.

Published in Brickunderground, September 30, 2009: Click to Read Full Article


When you call Fred Smith Plumbing you get an expert on the phone who can solve your problem fast. Most days, that expert will probaby be owner Philip Kraus.

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