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June 13, 2011

High Pressure Steam: Maintenance and Efficiency Saves Money!

Fred Smith Plumbing and Heating details in a newly published video the importance of maintenance and efficiency in high pressure steam systems.  In the video, a panel of experts from Fred Smith Plumbing and Heating provide comprehensive coverage of this often overlooked issue. 

“You want to make sure the system is operating at proper pressures to reduce inefficiencies, save money, and reduce cost of repairs,” says Philip Kraus, CEO and Owner of Fred Smith Plumbing and Heating.  Steam Specialist Larry Leiberman, concurs: “If they maintain their equipment the building can save a lot of money.” It comes down to simple economics, as noted by Vice President David London: “more efficient systems use less steam…which will obviously save the building and the customer money.”

Ultimately, building managers, superintendents, and tenant/shareholders are all looking for the same thing: reliable heat, hot water, and air conditioning service.  Philip Kraus explains: “Fred Smith Plumbing and Heating has the expertise needed to make repairs, the troubleshooting capabilities, superior mechanics, and we understand the equipment so that an effective, efficient repair is made on a timely basis.”

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