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October 22, 2011

Training Seminar: Dan Holohan’s Steam School Comes To Fred Smith

Fred Smith Plumbing & Heating didn’t become NYC’s leading steam heating trouble-shooting expert by accident.  Years and years of hands-on, in-the-field experience of solving difficult problems in real-time for the residential and cooperative buildings is the primary source of Fred Smith’s knowledge.  This kind of knowledge is not acquired over night; it accumulates with experience and sits in reserve waiting for use during those cold winter months when a building’s heating system suddenly goes down and a fast, accurate solution is required.  Phil Kraus, President, also notes, however, that “it is important to make sure our team benefits from the perspectives and knowledge of others.” To that end, Fred Smith invited Dan Holohan of Dan Holohan Associates Inc. DBA to give an all-technical, full day seminar for Fred Smith’s senior supervisors. Phil Kraus says, “Dan’s training seminar helps to keep our team technically current, to refresh our memories on the tried and true essentials of the trade, and to reiterate the whole-system approach to trouble-shooting steam heating systems. We’re definitely ready for whatever heating problem comes our way this winter”.   For additional information on Dan Holohan’s heating system consulting services, you can visit his website at


When you call Fred Smith Plumbing you get an expert on the phone who can solve your problem fast. Most days, that expert will probaby be owner Philip Kraus.

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