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October 03, 1999

Fred Smith Plumbing Named “Best of New York”

“If you live in a Manhattan apartment building and have a plumbing problem, you can’t do better than Fred Smith Plumbing & Heating”, says the ...

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September 01, 1998

NYC Water Tainted by Dirty Tanks – Assemblyman Says City Doesn’t Enforce Rules.

While the Department of Health’s regulations require annual roof tank cleaning as a necessary measure to safeguard the quality of the residents’ drinking water, compliance ...

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April 02, 1998

“Building Maintenance – Insider Tips On How To Complete A Project Successfully” – A Seminar Sponsored By The Cooperator

The topic for discussion is the best practices for completing any large plumbing & heating job successfully. Philip Kraus will discuss the oversite role of ...

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When you call Fred Smith Plumbing you get an expert on the phone who can solve your problem fast. Most days, that expert will probaby be owner Philip Kraus.

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