Plumbing/Laundry Room Sink: “Fred Smith Plumbing’s employee extraordinarily personable, professional, and quick.”

Dear Mr. Kraus,

This note is to let you know how pleased I was with the excellent work your representative, Ricardo, did in repairing my laundry room sink in my condominium At Rio, The Condominium and Spa on July 10th.

I had just returned from two weeks hiking and rafting in the Grand Canyon and had thirty pounds of dirty laundry to deal with and no sink.

Ricardo was extraordinarily personable, professional, and quick to fix the problem.

He could teach lessons in dealing with customers.

Thanks for sending him.


Helen MacLean

Plumbing/Tub Shower:”Fred Smith Plumbing very efficient, neat, and courteous.”

Dear Jim: Thank you very much for the expert job that Phil Greiser did in installing the pressure balanced tub/shower system in our bathroom at 10 Mitchell Place. Mr. Greiser was very efficient, neat, and courteous. So far I am very happy about the controlled temperature and hope my husband is as happy when he returns from a business trip. “Fred Smith” has been the plumber of choice both at my former residence (38 years) 440 East 56th Street and here at 10 Mitchell Place.  I feel very comfortable with the quality of your work and your professionalism. Sincerely, Lois A. Gaeta

Plumbing/Bathroom Sink: “Fred Smith Plumbing’s employee goes beyond usual expectations.”

Dear Manager,

I have been a customer already when the shop was located on East 73rd Street and ever since.  I have used your company whenever house staff could not remedy a problem.

I wish to express my appreciation of the serviceman Tom’s efforts to repair the stopper in our bathroom sink.  Whatever the problem he encountered in fixing it so it would close tightly did not come up to his expectations and he called the MOEN Company.  He was told, and the woman made the same statement to me that there is no way to prevent water from remaining in the sink.


We will attempt to use it in its present state since it is difficult for me to make further efforts at this time.

However, I want the Fred Smith Plumbing & Heating Company to be aware of an employee (Tom) who goes beyond the usual expectations.


Gerda H. Preuss

Emergency Response/Plumbing: “Extraordinary service during extraordinary circumstances.”

Dear Mr. Kraus,

Just a note of appreciation to you and your staff (Shawn/Angelo/Larry L. Uri/Fbio & Tony (anyone forgotten?-If yes, sorry) for the extraordinary service given to KITON during somewhat ’extraordinary’ emergency circumstances this past month…

We look forward to continuing our business relationship-begun many years ago- with our wishes to everyone for a Healthy, Happy 2014.

Many thanks again

Mary Bale
Kiton Building Corp.