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After nearly 100 years of keeping New York City running smoothly, we’ve found that our best salespeople are our clients. Read on and you’ll see what we mean.

February 9, 2005

Heating: Fred Smith Plumbing: “professional and pleasant manner.”

Dear Mr. Kraus, Many times people write to complain when they think something might not be right, however, we forget to say “thank you” when things do go right. Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the professional and pleasant manner of the three men that came last week to do a […]

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October 4, 2004

Plumbing Repairs/Shower: “Fred Smith Plumbing Rocks! We will be sending all our work your way.”

Dear Mr. Kraus, I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am that Fred Smith. Your mechanic was able to fix my heating system. It is a big relief for my wife and I, considering our babies’ room was without heat for most of last winter. There were at least three other companies […]

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“Typically when I call them, I have a leak; I need someone now. They come right away. They come prepared. They come with their right tools and the right knowledge base, and they take care of the problem. To me that’s priceless.” Jon Shechter

“Those with a flexible nature will adjust and create harmony with others.”

- Brahma Kumaris